Did you know that weed makes you a better partner?

Music sounds better when you’re high. Taking a shower feels better when you’re high. Food tastes amazing when you’re high. Weed has a way of enhancing many parts of our lives. This also applies to our relationships. Did you know that smoking weed can make you a better partner? A better lover?

With Valentine’s Day approaching next month (guys — I’ll save you the google search, its February 14th), we wanted to shine a light on how weed can actually play a positive role in our relationships and love lives.

Here’s how.

Couples who smoke together have less tension, fewer arguments.
Disagreements, from the micro to the macro, have a tendency to build up in relationships and can cause tension, stress, and arguments between partners. It’s no secret that fighting can cause significant amounts of unhappiness that we carry with us everywhere we go — including work and our other friendships.

The good news for smokers is that marijuana helps relieve stress and tension — something that anyone in a relationship can use more of.

No, weed is not an outlet to run away from your problems.
But marijuana can serve as a tool to dial down stress and open up honest communication with your partner. This will lead to less tension, fewer arguments, and a healthier relationship.

Plus, smoking together has a way of bonding two people. Marijuana tends to bring out the best in people, uniting them around shared positive experiences.

People who smoke weed have better sex (and more of it).
The cerebral buzz and heightened stimulation offered by marijuana make more than just your bed sheets feel amazing. It makes our partners feel amazing, too.

According to relationship experts, Sex is important for many reasons in any committed relationship. It is ultimately about intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression. Sex has many positive physical, intellectual, emotional and social benefits. Can you guess what makes sex even better than it already is? Weed.

It’s no secret that weed is a natural aphrodisiac. It’s also no secret that sex plays an important role in the healthy relationship between two intimate partners.

So why does weed lead to more sex? The jury is still out on that one — but one can make a few assumptions.

When we are high, we are more creative, more adventurous, more aroused and every sensation is turned up to a 10. Not only that, but cannabinoids activate pleasure receptors in the brain. One of these receptors, CB1, is responsible for euphoria and arousal — and may even increase our ability to have orgasms. Boom.

Do you know how weed can slow down music, enabling you to enjoy each and every note? That slow-down effect applies to sex as well. Giving you the ability to slow down and enjoy every moment of it. Just like Neo in the Matrix. Except with orgasms. Weed, when coupled with mankind’s other favorite recreational activity, can make for some…arousing results. Of course, we already knew this. And apparently so did the researchers at Stanford University. But we’ll keep doing our own field research anyways. Bow chicka bow wow.

Marijuana opens the door to shared experiences and less judgment.
Speaking of uniting couples around shared positive experiences, marijuana leads to more of those.

Whether it’s sneaking onto the roof to look at the stars, impromptu living room dance parties, deep conversations about Seinfeld, or binge eating sushi — being high prompts couples to go on more adventures and have more fun together.

Weed has a magical way of tearing down our self-imposed barriers to fun and enjoying the carefree spontaneity of being a kid again.

And when you mix that liberating feeling with another person that you love, you’re going to be in for some amazing times together. So spark up and go do something fun that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

A second point to be made here is that those self-imposed inhibitions are partly due to our overbearing feelings of judgment. Will I look stupid if do this? What will he/she think of me? Those kinds of worries tend to weigh us down and limit our spontaneity. Being high helps free you and your partner from being judgmental, thus allowing you to be more of what you both love in the first place: who you are.