Is it just us, or does everyone turn into a little bit of a germophobe during the cold and flu season?

But as much as we’re paranoid about not getting sick, we’re just as passionate about being able to smoke weed and get high at our leisure.

So naturally, we’ve put together this blog of stoner tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season. It’s January, people! All of your coworkers are going to start dropping like flies and you’re going to be glad you read this blog.

1. Don’t share joints or bongs with other people.
Yeah, this is the suckiest one on the list, so we thought we’d get it out of the way first.

As much as we love smoking with friends, sometimes, you just don’t want to risk it.

Even if someone seems healthy, they could be in the midst of catching a cold, flu, or some other disease comparable to the bubonic plague, and not even know it.

Sometimes symptoms take a week or even more to show up, but someone may still be contagious, and you’ll never know by looking at them!!

So, practice safe sesh by staying healthy during cold and flu season, and bring your own personal pipe to the next smoke sesh.

Your friends won’t be offended as long as you let them pack some of your weed into their own bowls.

2. Exercise the fun way.
For most of us, ‘exercise’ and ‘fun’ don’t belong in the same sentence.
But for me, I’m okay with putting ‘exercise’ and ‘fun’ into that sentence so long as I throw ‘sativa’ in there too.

The effects of cannabis can be endless in their benefits: treating cancer, relieving anxiety, making your microwave funny, and there are even certain cannabis strains that can make exercising way more fun.

Cannabis strains like Durban Poison and Lemon Bean are among the many cannabis strains that can help motivate even the laziest to get up and get moving!

Plus, after your work out, you won’t feel as guilty about all the munchies you’re probably about to inhale.

Also, exercising happens to be good for your overall health and staying healthy during cold and flu season.

3. CBD may strengthen your immune system.
Got some pain? CBD! Insomnia? CBD! You have anxiety? CBD! Your dog has anxiety? CBD!

CBD seemingly does it all, so it’s only natural that CBD may be able to strengthen your immune system while it’s at it.

According to Dr. David Allen, “Cannabidiol (CBD) may offer control of the immune system and in turn, protect from viral infections. Cannabis has already been seen to inhibit fungus and bacteria and can be considered a new class of antimicrobial because of the different mechanism of action from other antimicrobials.”

Don’t have a PhD in advanced biology? What Doc means to say is, CBD may be able to strengthen your immune system because it can already prevent bad stuff from happening.

For any stoner interested in staying healthy during cold and flu season, and in any season really, CBD should def be in your arsenal.

4. Get enough sleep.
DiD yOu KnOw SlEeP iS gOoD fOr YoU?

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard this one before.

But for some of us, getting our solid 8 hours is but a dream.
A dream we can’t have because we can’t freakin’ sleep.
Whether it’s a weird work schedule, a generally overactive brain, or a sleep disorder, there are a lot of factors that can keep us from getting the restful sleep that’s important for staying healthy during cold and flu season.
But luckily for us stoners, there are cannabis strains designed to knock you right out!

Cannabis strains like Lemon Cherry Gelato and Triple Lindy are amazing strains for lulling you to sleep like the peaceful unconscious being that you strive to be.