Because this is usually the time you take care of things around the house, anticipating tomorrow’s work day and the upcoming week.

But why can’t doing chores around the house be fun too?

Extend your weekend by getting high before you do your chores!

But which ones are better with cannabis, and which ones are worse? Continue reading to find out our thoughts.

LaundrySoooo much better.

If you’re anything like us, the transferring from the washer to the dryer, and then the tedious folding process makes doing laundry one of your least favorite chores.

However, after enjoying some cannabis, you can actually have some fun doing this boring chore.

Cranking up your favorite tunes, or wearing headphones if you have sleeping family members, and doing mindless tasks like folding laundry can actually get pretty meditative.

You may come to appreciate the mindlessness of doing laundry while high, and may even start looking forward to this activity and see it as some much-needed “me-time”.

Just be sure to set an alarm for when your laundry needs to be transferred, just so you don’t forget.

Grocery shopping – Avoid at all costs.

Depending on what kind of shopper you are, grocery shopping while high could be a fun experience.

We’re not those kind of people.

We’re the kind of people who likes to meander through the aisles without a list and just see what calls out to us.

While high, this is an overwhelming task and we usually end up with way too much junk food.

The bright and over-stimulating grocery store can be a hassle even while sober, which is why some people decide to avoid it at all costs while high.

However, some people feel that they get even more creative with their choices and are able to have more fun.

Heed our  warning, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s worth a shot.

Grocery shopping is among the list of things that most people won’t want to do while high.

Dishes – Actually fun???

I bet you’ve never heard the words “dishes” and “fun” used in the same sentence.

Neither have we until we smoked and did the dishes and actually had fun.

With a similar approach to doing our laundry, we turned on our favorite music, and we danced and sang along to our favorite songs until all of the dishes were done.

We had lost track of time because we were having too much fun.

Can you tell that dishes are quickly becoming one of our favorite chores?

This is also a good one to take care of if you’re experiencing any cannabis-infused anxiety.

Cleaning the bathroom – Mixed feelings.

The dreaded bathroom.

Depending on how gross your bathroom is, cannabis could either make cleaning it way better, or way worse.