Whether you’re on your grind every day at work, or working hard tending to your kids at home, every mom deserves some rest and relief. That’s why moms everywhere are turning to cannabis for a relaxing alternative.

1. Cannabis and depression
“The Stoner Mom”, whose social media profiles and YouTube videos spark as much controversial responses as overwhelming support from other moms, features a mother of four smoking and chatting about parenthood and enjoying cannabis responsibly. In one video titl¬ed “How I use Cannabis for Depression: The Stoner Mom”, she chronicles her battle with a major depressive disorder. She describes an experience where she had found herself in a “near-catatonic” depressive episode, and after she used cannabis, she remarks to her husband, “I instantly feel better.”

2. Intimacy
Moms everywhere may have a hard time leaving the stress of the day behind them, and marriage and relationship bonds can weaken if one or both partners are too tired or stressed for intimacy. That’s why many parents are turning to cannabis products to re-ignite the spark in the bedroom. Cannabis-infused lubricants and certain strains that are engineered to heighten sensation and lower inhibition are among the favorites for cannabis-infused foreplay.

3. Menstrual cramps
Whoopi Goldberg, mother to one daughter, developed her own medical cannabis product line specifically aimed to people with severe menstrual cramps because of the demand for a product that was effective, discreet, and provided relief that won’t leave you locked to the couch. An estimated 1 out of 10 people, during their reproductive years, have been affected by endometriosis, including Whoopi Goldberg herself. This is part of the reason why Whoopi & Maya product testimonials are through the roof with mothers everywhere. People with PCOS, menopause, prolactinoma, unrelated injuries, or recovering from surgeries give this product line five stars.

4. Self-care
For those who feel like there’s not enough time in the day, you’re not alone. However, some moms have chosen to spend their “me-time” with cannabis. Los Angeles mother of one muses, “I always [used cannabis] away from my daughter, and always outside. But it provided a great stress relief and a way for me to get back in touch with myself after a long day.”

5. An alternative to alcohol
Kiri Westby, author of the blog titled “Confessions of a Pothead Mom”, writes “It’s not uncommon for moms at school pickup to discuss their evening plans: ‘Heading out later this evening for a few drinks with friends, you should come!’…Often, I’d like to respond with, ‘You know, alcohol doesn’t really make me feel very good, how about you come over and we smoke some organic, shade-grown Indica that I just picked up.” Westby continues to dream up a future in which cannabis is as socially accepted as alcohol. She imagines that the TV moms sipping wine at the dinner table with her whole family sitting around are actually lighting up pipes instead.