Some of our favorite cartoons are full of secret (and some not so secret) stoner characters!

We wanted to share our favorite stoner cartoons with you guys (while hopefully only ruining your childhoods just a little) so that you guys can decide at the end which stoner cartoon you’d want to smoke with the most at the end!

Without further ado, let’s meet our characters!

6. Towelie from South Park
Towelie from South Park is the first one on our list because, well, what other stoner cartoons are as blatantly obsessed with getting high than this one?

Towelie is always down for the sesh, But the reason he’s so far down on the list is because, honestly, he’s kind of annoying.

Sure, you want to smoke with a cartoon that’s up for anything, but Towelie’s a little too pushy about it.

But if we ever had a chance to visit the animated town of South Park, you know we’d hit up Towelie for a blunt.

5. Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland
The Caterpillar, also known as Absolem or Russel, from Alice in Wonderland is a hookah-smoking caterpillar who further confuses Alice.

This Caterpillar is a total trip. This might make him a very interesting person/insect/guy to have a smoking experience with, which is why we have him on our stoner cartoons list.

Because, let’s be real, there probably isn’t just tobacco in his hookah. Not with all of those cryptic one-liners he liked to spew to Alice.

If we were in Alice’s position, we would’ve chilled out with the Caterpillar for a little longer and shared some of that “hookah” with him.

4. Bart Simpson from The Simpsons
Ah, Bart. The rebellious and somewhat misunderstood teenaged son of Homer and Marge Simpson.

While he’s never spotted actually smoking weed in the show (at least I haven’t seen it, have you?), we think that he would probably fit into our cannabis community pretty well.

His unique mental agility, quick street smarts, and sick skateboarding tricks would provide for an epic smoke sesh.

3. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty
Even though alcohol seems to be Rick’s vice of choice, we still think smoking with him would be pretty rad

Every sesh with mad scientist Rich Sanchez from Rick and Morty would be a crazy adventure, exploring other universes and dimensions all while following his nihilistic commentary about all things science.

He made our list for stoner cartoons because of his undying imagination. I mean, come on, he’s got to be at least a little bit stoned to invent the dream inceptor!

Would you get stoned in another dimension? You already know we would!

2. Brian from Family Guy
A bag of weed is a friend indeed! Or at least, that’s what Brian, the dog from Family Guy, was singing in the streets during their “420” episode.

Brian is often seen hanging at the house smoking weed, and references to his possession or buying of it pretty frequently.

Arguably the most intelligent character in the show, we think Brian would be an awesome person/dog/guy to smoke with.

We’d want to talk with him about philosophy, what it’s like to be a dog, and his strange and lovable family over a joint or two.

There’s no hiding it, Brian is one of our favorite stoner cartoons!

1. Shaggy from Scooby Doo
And last but certainly not least, #1 on our list of stoner cartoons is the infamous Shaggy from Scooby Doo!

Shaggy always has the munchies, giggles all the time, and can even get a little paranoid. I mean come on; his love interest in the movie is Mary freakin’ Jane!

We’d love to solve some mysterious with this loveable pothead, and then enjoy some tasty Scooby Snacks (which may or may not be cannabis-infused edibles).

And, of course, with Scooby Dooby Doo too!