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December 2022

Ganja Yoga: The Modern Trend with Ancient Origins

December 3rd, 2022|

Chances are you’ve already heard of ganja yoga, the hot new trend that’s taking over the Bay Area. As the name implies, ganja yoga is the practice of performing the various positions or asanas of yoga while under the effects

November 2022

The Basics: Indica vs Sativa

November 26th, 2022|

For new patients, one of the first decisions you are faced with is what strain to smoke. With literally thousands of different strains out there this can be an overwhelming decision! Ultimately, it takes a little experience earned through trial

Floating and Edibles

November 19th, 2022|

Invented to facilitate some of the weirder scientific research of the last few decades, sensory deprivation tanks are beginning to filter into the mainstream. Most recently, and notably, sensory deprivation tanks ,also called float tanks, made an appearance in the

Festival Essentials

November 15th, 2022|

We love Fall for Halloween, scarves and pumpkin pie, Spring has lots of pretty flowers and while we look forward to shredding in Tahoe each Winter, none of that compares to festival season year-around. Ice cream cones, floating down the

Can Cannabis Treat Arthritis

November 12th, 2022|

Arthritis is a debilitating category of disease that afflicts millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for arthritis so those who suffer from this condition are forced to take any number of medications to help treat

October 2022

Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Budder, What’s The Difference?

October 29th, 2022|

Wax, shatter, crumble and budder are terms used to describe and categorize different consistencies of cannabis concentrates. Whether you prefer the shiny, hard candy like appearance of shatter or the soft, creamy texture of a budder chances are you have

Cannabis Therapy In Focus

October 22nd, 2022|

Cannabis is prescribed medically all across the nation to treat a staggeringly vast number of conditions. This is largely thanks to the ability of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to act directly on the body’s nervous system and immune

What Are The Health Benefits Of CBD?

October 15th, 2022|

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about CBD and what a miracle worker this little molecule is. Despite CBD or cannabidiol practically being a household name these days, many of our customers aren’t familiar too familiar

Marijuana Muse

October 1st, 2022|

There are as many reasons to consume cannabis as there are people who consume it. Relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and many, many more but, perhaps the most intriguing and interesting is to get the creativity flowing. I think we’ve

September 2022

The Vaping Advantage

September 17th, 2022|

The world of cannabis is constantly changing and at an ever quicker pace. We see this in breeding with the explosion of finely tuned strains designed to treat specific symptoms and also in the plethora of new ways people are

Can You Spot Top Shelf?

September 10th, 2022|

The term top shelf gets tossed around often in this industry, perhaps too often. We’ve all been there, mouth watering with anticipation with what was supposed to be premium quality only to get home and find out that despite looking

Why We Get High

September 3rd, 2022|

Have you wondered why we get high -- not our own personal reasons for use, such as, relaxation or pain relief, but, why cannabis exhibits such a profound ability to affect both the mind and body. The short answer is

July 2022

The Science of Edibles

July 30th, 2022|

Most people have a few questions about edible cannabis like; how is it different from inhaling, why can’t I just eat a flower, when will I feel the effects and for how long? All of that information is invaluable to

Debunk the Skunk: Cannabis Fact vs. Fiction

July 23rd, 2022|

The age of the stigmatization of cannabis is over, and we’re not sad to see it go. With California’s legalization of recreational cannabis came a whole new wave of customers that officially put the last nail in the coffin for

Why Cannabis in the summer is a Different Ballgame

July 9th, 2022|

• Using cannabis to lower your body temperature • Best products for the summertime • 4 Summertime treat suggestions What better way to pass the time on a hot summer night than smoking some amazing bud and sipping a refreshing

June 2022

15 Weed Jokes to Brighten Your day!

June 18th, 2022|

1. What do you call a stoner with two spliffs? Double-jointed 2. How do you know do you know someone's a true pothead? When their bongs get cleaned more often than their dishes! 3. A cop asks the guy, "How

May 2022

How Pot Helps Stress and Anxiety

May 28th, 2022|

How to achieve the “Entourage Effect” Hey let’s face it, stress is a part of life. However, we should feel lucky to have a solution. As many as 72% percent of daily cannabis users turn to the plant to help


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